Are you a designer?

This has to be one of the most commonly received questions I have had throughout my working years.

Alas, while the answer has always been no, at each encounter I proceeded to very clearly state my obsessive nature with design and how I am attuned to it at every corner.

Why are you here?

This, I don’t believe anyone has ever asked me word for word, but if answering in the broadest sense, my answer is simple — to feel it all.

Fuelled by a relentless curiosity, I am engaged with the world at a detailed, sensory level. I’m the person who notices what music is playing in a restaurant before entering, who walks inside while running my hands along its textured walls, will talk to the host about the fragrance notes I’m picking up at the entrance, smile at the carefully considered typography on the menu and of course, delight in unpacking every delicious flavour in the meal to come.

I am Emilie Guillemain, a Sydney-based Brand Experience Manager.

Committed to understanding and enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint, I peel back the layers on how your brand makes people feel, but more importantly, why.

In a world where people want to feel part of something bigger than themselves but also representative of who they are, I work closely with teams to curate experiences that influence consciousness, curiosity and connection.